May 17, 2016

Nanomaterials: The future of Dentistry?

Dr. Norton and the staff at Lifetime Family Dental always work to stay on top of the latest research and...

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May 11, 2016

What is the Purpose of my Biannual Visit?

We're sure you've been told time and time again how important it is to visit the dentist at least twice...

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May 6, 2016

Smile! Scientists may have pinpointed the “happiness gene”

The reason you flash those stunning pearly whites maintained by your favorite dentist in Gilbert, Lifetime Family Dental, may have...

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May 1, 2016

Free Events Around Gilbert, AZ | May, 2016

Summer is fast approaching which means both the weather and events around Gilbert are heating up. Below is a quick...

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April 28, 2016

Sleep Apnea During Pregnancy Linked to Fetal Health?

All you soon-to-be moms out there know that having a happy, healthy baby is priority number one. Once your little...

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April 14, 2016

Hiking Before the Heat Strikes!

Any fellow Phoenician knows that the closer the calendar inches toward May, the less time we have with precious sub...

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April 12, 2016

Is there a Link Between Mouth Breathing and Tooth Decay?

Getting a healthy amount of sleep has always been understood to play a vital role in your overall health. However,...

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March 30, 2016

It’s Time for Your Yearly Dental Spring Cleaning!

Boy, how time flies! It seems like yesterday it was Christmas, but we've already passed Easter and March 20th -...

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March 25, 2016

More Findings Linking Alzheimer’s and Gum Disease

As you age, if you intend on retaining your mental clarity and independence, your dental health may be even more...

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March 23, 2016

4 Awesome Springtime Gilbert Attractions

Springtime in Gilbert and the rest of the Valley is the best time of year to get out and experience...

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