10 ways to use dental floss

10 Ways to Use Dental Floss

10 ways to use dental floss

When we think of dental floss (and we often do at Lifetime Family Dental), our first mental picture is cleaning between our teeth and down to the gums. But that’s not the only picture that comes to mind. Dental floss is great to carry in your purse or pocket. Not just for obvious reasons, though, because dental floss is so versatile! Here are 10 ways to use dental floss in non-dental situations.


  • Slicing and dicing—Dental floss makes a great knife substitute for slicing cheese, watermelon and cake, for instance. Plus, you won’t get stopped by the TSA the next time you fly.
  • If you’re into crafts, waxed dental floss makes a great wick for homemade candles.
  • You can tie things with it. Maybe not Christmas presents, but it’s perfect for when you break a shoelace or you need to tie up your pant legs for a hike or bike ride.
  • It can be an essential for extreme camping. Use it as a fire starter, or to make a fishing line. You can also use it to bind together a makeshift spear, or create a snare.
  • It can be used as a substitute for thread when you need to sew buttons back on or repair canvas. In an emergency, it will even make temporary sutures if you experience an emergency while camping or hiking.
  • You can use dental floss to hang small picture frames. It’s tensile strength is totally sufficient for the job.
  • It works great for repairing eyeglasses when you lose a screw for an earpiece. Simply thread it through the hinge and tie it off. Voila!
  • If you have a leaky faucet, wrap some dental floss around the post below the gasket. You can use it to repair a broken toilet chain, too. The waxed kind works best here.
  • It can be used to repair a rope with fraying ends—wrap some dental floss around the ends to prevent further unravelling. (This is called whipping.)
  • Finally, you can use floss to remove a stubborn ring from a swollen finger. Watch this!


We hope you enjoyed these life hacks, courtesy of Lifetime Family Dental. But seriously, remember that daily flossing and brushing will help you retain your teeth and your health. And be sure to come in twice a year for your cleaning and checkup. Now that you know some of the versatile ways to use dental floss, please be sure to let us know if you think of any more. Dental floss: it’s not just for teeth!



Images used under creative commons license (Commerical Use) 08/22/2019  Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst