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4 Types of Teeth in Our Mouths

4 Types of Teeth in Our Mouths

32 teeth. That’s how many teeth adults have in their mouths, not counting wisdom teeth. 32 teeth to process food and get it ready for the rest of the body’s digestive process. Together, that team of 32 makes a mean eating machine, able to tackle anything from tearing meat, crushing seeds and nuts, breaking down fruits, and pulverizing greens and veggies. At Lifetime Family Dental, we specialize in helping your teeth stay healthy. As a Gilbert AZ dentist, we offer anything from sealants to veneers, in order to beautify and strengthen those 32 powerful teeth.

Four Types of Teeth With a Purpose

Our teeth are designed with a purpose. There are reasons that our front teeth are shaped very differently than the teeth at the back of our mouths. It all has to do with their functions.



8 incisors make up the front-and-center of your smile. There are 4 incisors on the top and four on the bottom. Made with a sharp biting surface, in addition to providing the focal point of your smile, their function is cutting or shearing food.


We have 4 canine teeth, 1 placed to the left and right sides of our incisor teeth on both our top and bottom rows of teeth. They’re pointed (that point is called a cusp), so they can grip and tear food. Canine teeth can also be called cuspids.


We have 8 premolars. They’re next to the canine teeth, with 2 on each side on the top and bottom rows. Shaped with 2 pointed cusps on the surface, a premolar’s function is to tear, crush, and grind food.


8 molars fill out the rest of our teeth, with two on each side, top and bottom. Their flatter surfaces that have four peaks are used to effectively break down food by grinding and crushing it to a pulp.

Wisdom Teeth:

We’ll mention these as well, but wisdom teeth are often extracted in a person’s late teens or early twenties in order to make enough room for the other teeth in the mouth. There are 4 wisdom teeth, one on each side, top and bottom, and they were created with the same shape and function of our molars.


Our teeth are rich in minerals and are the strongest part of our human body. One of the primary minerals in our teeth is hydroxyapatite, which is also found in some rocks! In our next blog post, we’ll take a look at the specific makeup of a single tooth. Understanding how our teeth are made helps us appreciate their importance. And knowing how valuable they are for processing our food may just help us take good care of them for a lifetime of use. We’re Lifetime Family Dental, a family dentist in Gilbert AZ, and we’re here to help give your teeth the vibrancy they need to provide you with years of eating pleasure.




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