five facts about dental implants

5 Facts About Dental Implants

five facts about dental implants

Did you know that more than 3 million people in the US have dental implants? About 500,000 more get them every year. We all know missing teeth are not good for your health. They affect the way you eat and your confidence to smile. Until recently, dentures were the only answer to replace missing teeth. But what about implants? Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert offers these five facts about dental implants.


Dental implants are made from titanium, one of the strongest metals known to man. Implants are nearly as strong as natural teeth. By contrast, dentures are only about 25% to 50% as strong as natural teeth. And while dentures need to be adjusted from time to time, dental implants are permanent.

Successful surgery

The surgical procedure for implants is not complicated, even though it is done in stages. As long as you have a healthy jaw bone, your chances of success with implants is very high. Ninety-eight percent of implant surgeries are successful.

Preserves the jawbone

When teeth are missing, the jaw loses bone mass and changes shape. Dentures do not mitigate this effect. Implants, however, replace the missing root and actually stimulate bone growth.


Dental implants are not made from organic material, so tooth decay is not possible. But even though you will not get cavities, you still need to be careful to brush and floss as you would with natural teeth. A good oral hygiene regimen will help to protect your gums from periodontal disease.

Better overall health

Good health requires a healthy diet, and that involves eating natural foods that need to be chewed. Dental implants will enable your body to chew and digest food as well as natural teeth, without the discomfort that often occurs with dentures.


Lifetime Family Dental wants you to be healthy in every way. As you can see from these facts about dental implants, they are significantly beneficial to your dental health if you are missing teeth. While we don’t want anyone to experience the loss of their teeth, for those who do lose them, we feel that dental implants are a great solution for natural tooth replacement. Give us a call for more information and to schedule an office visit. Better health and a better smile await!



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