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8 Things to Know Before Starting Invisalign

Wondering whether you should get Invisalign? Mild cases of crowded or gapped teeth and various bite alignment problems can all be treated with Invisalign. Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert offers a variety of expert cosmetic dentistry services, and Invisalign is one of the most popular treatments among our patients. However, before you start Invisalign, there are a few things you should know. 

Eight Things to Know Before You Start Invisalign

1: You Can Expect Fast Results

The average length of Invisalign treatment is around 12 months, but the length varies depending on the extent of the adjustments your mouth requires. Treatment also lasts longer if you fail to take care of your clear aligners or wear them improperly. However, you will begin to notice results in as little as a few months after beginning Invisalign, no matter the length of your treatment.

2: You Have to Wear Your Trays All Day

In order for Invisalign treatment to be fast and effective, you must follow all of the instructions your dentist provides. The most important step is wearing your aligners for 22 hours each day to properly shift your teeth. Because you must remove your aligners whenever you eat or drink anything besides water, that means you’ll only have two hours each day for snacks and meals. There’s no time for sipping on beverages or snacking over long periods of time. 

3: Changing Trays May Cause Discomfort

In general, Invisalign trays are painless and relatively comfortable to wear. However, changing to a new set of trays over the course of your treatment can cause some discomfort. This is because your teeth have to readjust to their new position. Unlike tightening braces, however, this discomfort should only last a few days and should not be painful. 

4: You May Develop a Temporary Lisp

When you first begin wearing your Invisalign trays, you may develop a slight lisp. However, that doesn’t mean you should remove your trays whenever you speak. In fact, talking with your clear aligners in place helps your mouth adjust to the trays more quickly. Your lisp will become less severe and even disappear entirely over time. 

5: Your Treatment May Include Invisalign Attachments

Certain cases may require Invisalign attachments. The attachments—sometimes called “buttons”—are small bumps on the surface of your trays. The buttons hold rubber bands that help correct your teeth more efficiently. Although rubber bands make wearing clear aligners a bit more noticeable, they make complex treatments faster and more effective. 

6: You’ll Need to Stick to a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

With or without clear aligners, good oral hygiene is always important. Practicing daily care reduces bacteria in your mouth along with your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. If you don’t regularly brush and floss your teeth, bacteria builds up and can spread to other teeth when wearing your trays. Neglecting to regularly clean your clear aligners can also cause them to stain, making your teeth appear stained when you wear them. 

7: A Retainer Is Required After Treatment

Just like with braces, Invisalign treatment requires wearing a retainer afterward. A retainer ensures that your teeth stay straight and keep their new alignment by preventing any shifting. Make sure to follow your dentist’s instructions for wearing your retainer to get long-lasting teeth straightening results.

8: Invisalign Isn’t Right for Everyone

Although Invisalign can fix a wide array of teeth and bite problems, it isn’t the right solution for everyone. For instance, braces can treat significant tooth gaps, severely crowded or crooked teeth, and extreme types of bite problems more effectively. Or, if you can’t commit to wearing your Invisalign trays all day, you are probably a poor candidate. If you’re not sure whether or not you are a good fit for Invisalign, schedule a consultation with us. 

Invisalign Treatment in Gilbert, Arizona

Now that you know what to expect when starting Invisalign, it’s time to schedule a consultation at Lifetime Family Dental. We’ll determine whether you’re a good candidate for Invisalign and answer any questions you have about what to expect during treatment. Give us a call at 480-558-4331 today to make an appointment. 

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