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Advances in Dentistry: Pain Free Dentistry | Part II

Pain Free Gentle Dentistry in Gilbert

In our last blog post, we discussed some of the exciting advancements in the realm of pain free gentle dentistry in Gilbert and around the globe. Those included increased comfort and functionality of dental procedures thanks to technologies like digital imaging and superior materials. Today we’ll explain how these dental procedures are not only becoming less painful but also are getting faster and come with fewer surprises.


The digital imaging CAD/CAM machines we mentioned in our last installment can also speed up your crown restorations by cutting down a minimum of two visits to only one by eliminating the need for temporary dental caps. Instead of sending the job away to a lab to be hand-crafted or machine-printed in another location, if the dentist owns a milling machine along with a CAD/CAM, a digital impression can be translated to a milled restoration in an hour!

Fewer Surprises

The likelihood of errors being made and procedures needing to be redone are going down thanks to the use of 3-D imaging as well. This technology eliminates a lot of the “guesswork” and allows your treatment to come with fewer surprises. The precise nature of this new method of oral mapping allows dentists and oral surgeons to create restorations that avoid hitting nerves or scraping nearby teeth. Which in turn reduces discomfort and side effects.

Want to learn about new and emerging technologies Lifetime Family Dental utilize or plan to in the near future? Schedule your cleaning today and chat with Dr. Norton about what new gentle dentistry technologies you can look forward to in the not-so-distant future.

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