Behind the Scenes with Dentures


The bite of our upper teeth properly meeting our lower teeth is something we can easily take for granted. It isn’t until our eating, biting, or speaking habits become difficult that we begin to realize the full significance of what our teeth do for us. Teeth that are ground down, display weaknesses, or leave gaps in our oral health can be distracting and painful. Lifetime Family Dental, located in Gilbert Arizona, understands the importance of healthy teeth for proper function and oral health, as well as for a cosmetically desirable appearance.

Dentures Defined

Dentures are an option when gum disease, tooth decay, or injury have caused a loss of teeth. Dentures are removable appliances that can restore your ability to live free of the discomforts and distractions caused by poorly functioning or missing teeth. In order to give you the most comfortable feel and natural look for your mouth, customized dentures are created from a mold made of your teeth and gums.

Types of Dentures


To create dentures that are customized to your specific needs, consult with your dentist at Lifetime Family Dental. The main types of dentures include:

  • *Conventional Dentures: These are fully removable dentures that are fitted in your mouth after your jaw and tissue have healed from the removal of remaining teeth. Full healing of the gums and tissue in your mouth is necessary prior to insertion of your new conventional dentures, which may require a waiting period of several months between any teeth extractions and the placement of your new dentures.
  • *Immediate dentures are removable as well, but they are inserted into your mouth on the day teeth are removed. There is no waiting period between teeth extractions and use of your dentures. As with conventional dentures, measurements and impressions of your jaw are done to create your custom-fit dentures. With immediate dentures, adjustments to the fit of your dentures may need to be made throughout your mouth’s healing process.
  • *Overdenture Dentures: There are situations where some of your natural teeth may be viable and able to help preserve the jawbone. An overdenture is a denture that fits over a small number of remaining natural teeth after they have been prepared by your dentist to serve as anchors for the overdenture.

    Dentures are a way to provide you with functioning teeth, to give you back proper chewing surfaces, and restore your beautiful smile! To identify which denture option may be the best fit for you, call Lifetime Family Dental today to schedule an appointment or consultation.
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