Can your Dentist Diagnose Diabetes?

Can your Dentist Diagnose Diabetes?

There are many symptoms that are present in your mouth and gums that are possible indicators of other diseases affecting your body. As it turns out, diabetes may be one of those diseases. So, can your dentist diagnose diabetes? According to some new research, your Gilbert Arizona dentist can certainly help in that process.

The new study seems to suggest that gum disease may be a warning sign of diagnosed type II diabetes.

You may be wondering, how many people could there be that have diabetes and don’t know it? Unfortunately, the numbers suggest a startlingly high number. Around 1/5 of those who experience severe gum disease or periodontitis also suffered from type II diabetes and had no knowledge of it. This is troubling because both of these conditions (gum disease and diabetes) call for early diagnosis to stem any further complications. It is believed that worldwide there may be as many as 95 million people suffering from diabetes that aren’t aware of it.

How can your dentist spot possible signs of diabetes? Those who suffer from diabetes generally aren’t responsive to periodontal therapy because their bodies aren’t as able to fight off inflammation and infection. At this point, your Gilbert Arizona dentist generally knows to direct you to a primary care physician or specialist to get tested for diabetes. Once the diabetes is being managed, the gum disease can be more effectively treated.

Keeping a lookout for indicators of more serious diseases is just one of the many reasons monitoring your oral health is important. Are you overdue for a dental checkup? At Lifetime Family Dental we offer gentle, judgment-free cleanings. We just want to help you get back on track! Don’t fear your Gilbert Arizona dentist, come see us today!

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