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Causes of Tooth Pain-Gilbert, AZ

dentist in Gilbert, AZ

You feel a dull ache in your mouth when you bite into your food. Or an immediate pain shoots through your teeth at the first swallow of a cold drink. What causes that tooth pain? At Lifetime Family Dental, one of our jobs is to alleviate that aching discomfort so you can eat and drink comfortably and live pain-free. If you’re looking for a dentist in Gilbert, AZ, give our office a call. We’ll be glad to give put a smile on your face!

Possible Causes of Tooth Pain

Sometimes the source of tooth pain is obvious. You’re chewing on a hard nut, and you feel a cracking sensation that is accompanied by a twinge of pain. Chances are, you’ve just cracked a tooth or loosened a filling. But what if the source of your toothache isn’t that evident?

Here are some possible reasons for toothaches:

      • Tooth fracture. Like the example above, tooth fractures can occur from eating something hard. They can also occur through sports injuries or other accidents.
      • —Pressing too hard. Pressing too hard when you floss or brush can create irritation, inflammation, or even bleeding of the gums. If you’re not sure how hard to brush or floss, ask us. We’ll show you the proper technique.
      • —Tooth decay. Through the activity of bad bacteria and plaque, your enamel can be eaten away, and the bacteria can reach the layer underneath the enamel called the dentin. The resulting formation of cavities in your teeth can create pain.
      • —A filling is damaged. A filling in a tooth can become dislodged or damaged, which exposes vulnerable parts of the inner tooth to decay, and pain can result.
      • —Grinding teeth. If you wake up with a stiff or sore jaw or with tooth pain, you could be clenching your teeth at night, a condition called bruxism. Bruxism can damage enamel, expose teeth to decay, and create pain.
      • —Inflamed or infected gums. Our teeth aren’t the only source of pain in the oral cavity. Bad bacteria in the mouth can also affect our gums and create inflammation and/or infection at the gum line along the edge of our teeth. The infection of gums is called gingivitis. Fortunately, in the early stages, gingivitis is easily treated.
      • Abscessed tooth. If infection has spread to the inner layers of the tooth, e.g., the pulp, it can then reach the roots of the tooth. When it does, your tooth is abscessed, and at that point, the pain is probably going to be more evident.
      • —Tooth sensitivity. Usually, tooth sensitivity occurs when tooth enamel wears away as part of the aging process. But teeth whitening can also be a cause of sensitivity. Ask us if you have questions about the source of your sensitivity, or if you need advice on treatment options.
      • —Impaction. For young adults, impacted wisdom teeth can create an aching pain. If the teeth are growing in crooked, or if there isn’t enough space in the mouth, the wisdom teeth create pressure, which can cause pain.



  • Regardless of the source of a toothache—and whether it’s dull or more severe—it’s always a good idea to give us a call and make an appointment to have it examined. It’s possible the source isn’t serious and can be remedied through the use of a toothpaste made for tooth sensitivity. But having our office take a look at your teeth and gums will clear up any confusion and solve any existing issues before they develop into something more serious.If you’re looking for a caring, qualified dentist in Gilbert, AZ, contact Lifetime Family Dental at (480) 558-4331. We’ll take care of you and give you back your pain-free smile.




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