Teeth, restorative, dental

Close That Gap

Teeth, restorative, dental

Over the years gaps in teeth have been fashionable or trendy and then at times out of style. Don’t let changing styles dictate your preference. At the end of the day it all depends on what you want aesthetically and what makes you happy. If you are finding gaps in your teeth causes you to smile less or feel self conscious about smiling, we can help. Lifetime Family Dental has vast experience in closing the gap for people in the Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa and Chandler area. We are focused on healthy cosmetic dentistry that benefits you and your loved ones.

Causes of Gaps

Now a days with celebrities making gap teeth a popular trend, there are still some reasons that cause normal gaps in teeth. These include:

  • *Periodontal disease
  • *Thumb sucking
  • *Incorrect Swallowing Reflex
  • *Mismatched size between jaw bone and the teeth

Whatever the reasons for how the gap occurred, it is important to get them checked to ensure they are structurally healthy.

Ways to Correct a Gap

If you are finding that having a gap is causing more negative than good in your life, there are some ways that you can correct this.

  • *Braces
  • *Dental Bonding
  • *Veneers
  • *Teeth Gap Bands
  • *Crowns
  • *Implants
  • *Dentures
  • *Retainer/Orthodontics

With the various options on ways to improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry, you get to determine what is best for your specific needs. The differences on each possible gap fix can vary between cost, visits to the dentist, long term lasting effect, and whitening lasting effect as well as structural aspects.


Lifetime Family Dental understands the needs for healthy, pleasing aesthetic look when it comes to your smile, and we want to be able to help with all your cosmetic dentistry needs. If you are wanting to ask questions regarding gap teeth, cosmetic dentistry or other oral health needs, we will be glad to consult with you and ensure you get the best customized services for you. Come see us today, as we are located in Gilbert, Arizona.


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