Common Dental Mistakes Part I

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It is certainly true that nobody’s perfect, but there are certain steps we can take and mistakes we can remedy in the pursuit of better dental health. Lifetime Family Dental is here for any needed in-person dental services in Gilbert, AZ, however there are plenty of day-to-day brushing, flossing, and general dental maintenance done at home that can be perfected. The following 3 mistakes are easy-to-fix no-nos that you might be unaware of.

1. Not enough water

In Arizona we are all aware of the necessity to stay hydrated, even in the Fall and Winter months. If you grew up in the Valley, you probably remember running inside every 20-30 minutes for a nice cool glass of water in the Summer months. Obviously staying hydrated is important for your overall health, but it is also great for your teeth to be ingesting fluoridated water. Most tap water has fluoride, and some bottled water brands do as well. Fluoride strengthens teeth and the mere act of swishing water around your mouth rinses sugars and acids from your teeth.

2. Brushing after a glass of orange juice

The acidic environment created in your mouth by OJ or a glass of lemon water can erode your enamel. Brushing right after drinking these tasty but strong liquids can weaken your teeth’s defense to the acids. Instead, wait 30 minutes or rinse your mouth with water or a baking soda solution. As gross as it is, this also applies to vomiting. Resist the temptation to brush right after doing so without a thorough rinse.

3. Losing your retainer

Unfortunately quite a few people fall victim to losing their retainers after sometimes years of metal braces or Invisalign treatments. Often this happens because most people have their teeth straightened at an early age, and through the years of maturing end up losing their retainer along the way, make sure you or your child don’t do the same! Don’t let your time and money invested in straightening your teeth go to waste! In most cases one should be wearing their retainer several nights a week for the rest of their life.

Stay tuned for another installment of common dental mistakes next week, and in the mean time if you want to “brush up” on your dental knowledge, consult Lifetime Family Dental for all your dental services in Gilbert, AZ.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (10/8/2015) Wonderlane (Flickr)