Consequences of Soda Consumption in Teens

Consequences of Soda Consumption in Teens

The research keeps rolling in! A new study has been published regarding the association of soda and other sweet drinks and erosive tooth wear. If you have to be told that sugary drinks are bad for your dental health, it’s likely you’ve been living in a fallout shelter awaiting the end of the world for the past 50 or so years. In which case you are probably in dire need of a dental checkup anyway! If you somehow missed the memo, check out the research below and remember to contact Lifetime Family Dental for all your dental hygiene needs.

It’s good news that Americans in large part have moved away from the “super-sized” fast food culture that was booming in the 90’s and early 2000’s to a culture that embraces more healthy options. However, many of us are still guilty in drinking a few too many sugar-filled drinks a week, and it appears other countries like Mexico may be guilty as well.

The most recent study published in The Journal of the American Dental Association demonstrated an association between substandard oral health and the elevated intake of sugary drinks – especially in teens. Because sugary drinks are a dietary staple for teenagers in Mexico, the study was conducted by surveying kids in Mexico between the ages of 14 – 19 about their intake of sports drinks, carbonated sodas, fruit juice and other food items. The teens were then examined by dental professionals for erosive tooth wear.

The study found the prevalence of erosive tooth wear was quite severe at 31.7% and the carbonated sodas were the biggest culprit.

The consumption of sodas and other sugar-packed beverages have more negative consequences than just poor oral health. Other leading medical organizations have found that this excessive sugar intake along with other negative dietary habits can wreak havoc on your overall health as well – resulting in heart disease, obesity and more. Contact Lifetime Family Dental today if you believe you may be suffering due to your sugar over-consumption, and try cutting back on the soda in the meantime!

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