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Creative Gift Idea for Mother’s Day in Phoenix, AZ

Mother’s Day is approaching, and that means honoring Mom for all she’s given to your family. There are lots of ways to make her feel special and let her know how much she means to you. If you’re looking for a creative, unique gift that will last for a long time, our staff at Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ has a suggestion. Why not offer your mother the gift of the whiter smile she’s always wanted? Teeth whitening could be something your mom has dreamed about for years.

Teeth Whitening Gives a New Outlook

Naturally, as we age, our teeth age. Stains can accumulate on the enamel layer of our teeth and cause a yellowing effect. Certain foods can contribute or even speed up the staining process, like red wine, coffee, or darker fruit juices. Smoking is also a contributing factor to teeth discoloration.

Some people feel embarrassed by yellowing teeth, and it affects their ability to meet people with confidence. Others simply want to keep their teeth looking more youthful. Whatever the reason, it’s possible your mom would love the gift of whiter, brighter teeth.

Two Basic Whitening Procedures

Whitening procedures provided by our dentist office involve a whitening agent that helps to break down the stains and restore your teeth to their natural white (or pale ivory) color. Using a toothpaste that whitens teeth takes much more time, and it may not be as effective as the professional whitening done at our office.

Our in-office whitening procedure is fast; it takes about an hour from start to finish, and the results usually make teeth 6 to 8 shades whiter! It’s a safe, painless way to see an immediate change.

The other option we offer is an at-home procedure using a professional strength whitening gel that you apply in the comfort of your own home. Using a custom-fitted mold and the whitening gel we supply, you apply the gel and wear the fitted mold for our recommended length of time. The at-home process is more gradual, but in a few weeks you should notice a definite before and after difference. And if desired, once you have your custom-made molds, you (or your mother) can use them at a later time and repeat the whitening treatments as needed.

As a disclaimer, if the yellowing effect on teeth exists as a result of enamel that has worn away to reveal the darker dentin underneath, the whitening process won’t be effective. If you’d like to know more about the possibilities of our safe teeth whitening procedures, check them out here.

Thinking of Mom

So, if you’re wondering about a unique way to honor your mom this Mother’s Day, consider a gift that might just make her smile widely—a teeth whitening treatment! At Lifetime Family Dental, we’re grateful for all the moms out there who have given so much to their families. Our thanks to moms everywhere, and this Sunday, May 13th, we wish each of you a Happy Mother’s Day!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/23/2022) Photo by leah hetteberg on Unsplash