Dear Gilbert Dentist: How do I deal with this Halloween Candy?!

Dear Gilbert Dentist: How do I deal with this Halloween Candy?!

One of the biggest post-Halloween challenges is handling your child’s candy intake. If it were up to them, they’d likely treat their teeth like disposable plastic fangs with how much candy they would consume! Your Gilbert dentist, Lifetime Family Dental, is here to help! We’ve compiled a few tips and ideas to help limit the amount of candy your kids are consuming without causing a candy craving meltdown.

Explain the Risks and Offer Alternatives

Like we mentioned above, if given the choice, your kids would likely eat all of the candy they possibly could. However, if you explain the risks to both their dental and overall health–not to mention stomach aches–that come with overindulging in candy, your kids might just take your word for it. Of course, they might need some extra incentive to sweeten the pot. When trying to limit the amount of candy your kids consume, if you take some candy away, replace it with a healthy treat like fruit, sugar free gum or at the very least, non-sugar based snacks.

Manage Expectations

Make sure your kids know from the start how much candy they can expect to enjoy. From the night of Halloween on, be sure that your kids know they are only expected to have 1-2 small pieces of candy per day at most (or however much you decide to allow). Stick to the initial boundaries you’ve set so your kids do too.

Encourage Sharing

Another fun idea is to encourage sharing and minimize the amount of candy your children are consuming by having them divide the candy into a pile they can keep and use the rest to create mini treat gift baggies for family and friends.

Have some creative ideas to share that you thought off to stem the tide of candy? Let us know at your next appointment with your favorite Gilbert dentist, Lifetime Family dental, and we’ll spread the word to the other parents!

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