dental care during pregnancy

Dental Care During Pregnancy

dental care during pregnancy

Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert loves to see our clients’ families expanding. The joy that children bring is unrivalled in our estimation. Because our practice is built on family values, we recognize the special dental care needs that each stage of life requires. Dental care during pregnancy is one of those stages that demands unique attention.

Daily routine

Brushing and flossing daily is a habit that everyone should have. It is especially important during pregnancy. Poor dental hygiene during pregnancy has been associated with premature delivery, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. At your next visit, let us know what your daily routine is so we can suggest any necessary changes to your dental care during pregnancy.

The gag factor

There may be many things that make you gag when you are pregnant. If brushing makes you gag, you can try several things. Trying to brush more slowly works for some women. You may also want to change the flavor of your toothpaste or switch to a smaller and softer toothbrush. Whatever you do, it is important to maintain your daily oral hygiene routine because you are more susceptible to cavities during pregnancy.

Pregnancy gingivitis

This is a mild form of gingivitis that develops during pregnancy due to changes in your hormones. The onset is usually between the second and eighth month, and affects almost 50% of expectant women. Your gums become irritated, red and sore, and sometimes bleed. It is important to maintain good hygiene even through the discomfort to avoid infection. The good news is that it usually disappears on its own after childbirth when your normal hormonal balance is restored.

Loose teeth

Some women feel like their teeth are loosening during pregnancy. In fact, estrogen and progesterone can loosen the bone and ligament structures that hold your teeth in place. Like pregnancy gingivitis, this condition usually resolves after childbirth. Let us know if you are experiencing loose teeth so we can isolate the cause.

Morning sickness

If you suffer from morning sickness, the best thing you can do is to rinse out your mouth after you vomit. This keeps stomach acid from harming the enamel on your teeth. Use a diluted mouthwash or water with a teaspoon of baking soda. You can brush your teeth after half an hour.

Dental visits

Many women ask if it is safe to schedule a dental visit during pregnancy. The overwhelming answer is “yes!” If x-rays are needed, you will be covered with a protective apron. If you need a cavity filled or a crown installed, it is not only safe, but recommended to prevent infection, which could harm your baby. After the second trimester, you may find it uncomfortable to sit for a long time, so schedule your visit before the seventh month. The only common procedure not recommended during pregnancy is teeth whitening. That should wait until after your little one has arrived.


Dental care during pregnancy is only one of our passions. Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert is here to meet all of your family’s dental needs. Whether it is a checkup, a cleaning, cosmetic, restorative or emergency dentistry that you need, we are here for you. Give us a call to schedule your next appointment. And be sure to let us know if it’s a girl or a boy!



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