Dental Education in Phoenix

Dental Education in Phoenix

Dental Education in Phoenix

Education has always been important. And these days, it’s become an essential requirement in our complex world. At Lifetime Family Dental, we are well-educated, highly trained specialists in all aspects of dental care. That is why we value being able to offer dental education in Phoenix. We’re not talking about the eight year college kind of education. Rather, we see it as incredibly important to help you and your family learn how to properly establish and manage dental hygiene.

Always Learning

Brushing and flossing daily lays a good foundation for oral care, and we do emphasize that. But we don’t want to stop there. We also want you to be aware of the importance of diet and hydration in maintaining good overall health. When you read back through our blog posts, you’ll see how many times we’ve written about avoiding foods and drinks that only provide empty calories and may have a negative effect on your body and your teeth and gums. It’s like Mom used to say, “Eat your veggies and lay off the sugar!”  There is a lot of valuable information on our website to help you plan a good routine for dental care at home.

Regular Exams

We would love to see you twice a year for professional cleanings and an oral examination. It’s always better to prevent problems, or at least head them off at the pass, rather than fix them when they begin to cause pain. When you come in, we can tell you about the latest trends in dentistry. Yes, our field is always advancing and we love to talk about it! Did you read our recent blog post about stem cell therapy? Now that is some cutting edge stuff! And when you visit us, we can go over any questions or concerns you may have about your teeth, gums, tongue and jaw. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to practice prevention techniques and understand how to handle any issues that may arise.

Correcting Mistakes

Regular checkups let us see when things have changed in your mouth. Just as the weather changes, so things in our bodies can change. As we age our mouths change shape, our teeth can lose some enamel and/or wear down, and our bite can change. These are conditions that may require corrective or cosmetic dental attention. We can show you different solutions, and together, plan a course of action that can give you back the beauty and functionality of your teeth and gums.


Lifetime Family Dental, with offices in Gilbert, AZ is a family-friendly dental facility serving the Phoenix Valley. We believe dental education in Phoenix benefits you, our patients, and ultimately, the community. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding to maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Come see us . . . school is about to start!



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