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Dental Emergency

There is no such thing as a planned emergency. But wisdom suggests we can prepare for emergencies by setting in place a plan of action. For dental emergencies, plan to call Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert Arizona. Whether a dental emergency occurs as the result of a sports injury, an accident, an acute infection, or for any other reason, we are here to help. We’re good at what we do, and we care.

Dental Emergency blog

Types of Dental Emergencies

Here are some of the more common dental emergencies we’ve handled in our offices:

  • *Broken or Chipped Tooth
  • *Gum Abscesses
  • *Pulpal Abscess
  • *Swelling
  • *Bleeding
  • *Immense Pain
  • *Inflamed Wisdom Teeth
  • *Trauma to Tooth


These different types of dental emergencies aren’t all that uncommon. Should you experience an emergency, we’re passionate about providing quick, quality care that will limit or alleviate your acute pain and provide a solution to restore your teeth.


The earlier the treatment for a dental emergency, the better, since fast treatment may prevent additional problems from arising. The various types of treatment depend on the trauma that occurred. Here are the most common procedures we perform in our emergency care:

  • *Fillings
  • *Root Canal
  • *Extraction
  • *Gum Treatment
  • *Bonding
  • *Veneers
  • *Crowns


We have a staff that is capable and knowledgeable in effectively handling dental emergencies. And for all your other dental needs, Lifetime Family Dental provides excellent cosmetic and general dentistry services to give you a bright, healthy smile. If you have questions about your dental care, give us a call.

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