Dental Emergency in Gilbert, AZ?

Dental Emergency in Gilbert, AZ

Are you suffering from a dental emergency in Gilbert, AZ? Lifetime family Dental treats many cases that would be classified as dental emergencies. If you’re unsure whether your ailment falls under that category, we’ve assembled a list with a few examples of dental emergencies and what to do in each case. It’s not always as clear as a broken leg! The tips below should never be substituted for an emergency dental visit, but are merely stopgaps to hold you over until your emergency dental appointment.

1. Knocked-Out Tooth/Teeth: Time is vitally important in the case of knocked out teeth. The highest chance of saving a knocked out tooth is within 60 minutes of being dislodged. Always hold the tooth by the top of the crown and immediately rinse off the root if it has come in contact with anything. Do not scrub it or attempt to remove any of the tissue. Never force it, but if you are able after rinsing it try to put it back in place in the correct direction. If that’s not an option, place it in a glass of milk and head to the dentist immediately.

2. Chipped Tooth: Of course you should attempt to find and save any pieces of the tooth you can. Rinse the pieces and your mouth. If you are bleeding, use gauze and apply light pressure to the area until the bleeding subsides. A wrapped ice pack works nicely to relieve any swelling of the mouth when applied to the cheek.

3. Lost Filling: In the meantime before you make it to your dental appointment, you can stick a piece of sugar-free gum in the cavity. You can also use over-the-counter temporary dental cement.

4. Toothache: Avoid painkillers like aspirin being applied to the gums near the tooth, it can burn the tissue. Rinse your mouth with warm water and remove any food fragments with floss. Use a cold compress outside your mouth near the source of pain.

If you are suffering from a dental emergency in Gilbert, AZ, be sure to contact Lifetime Family Dental today to schedule your emergency appointment.

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