What to do in a Dental Emergency Part II

Emergency Dentist

Last week we detailed the steps to take during dental emergencies including getting your teeth knocked out and fracturing or chipping your teeth. Today we will describe the actions to take in a few additional emergency situations. Remember to always contact your emergency dentist in Gilbert, AZ and schedule an emergency appointment immediately in any dental emergency situation.

Facial Pain & Tissue Injury

This is one dental emergency you should visit the emergency room or an oral surgeon immediately for. Injuries in this category include those that occur inside the mouth but to not necessarily just your teeth. These include lacerations, lip/mouth/cheek tears, and punctures. If your tongue is bleeding you should very gently pull your tongue forward and using gauze put pressure on the wounded area.

When it comes to treating pain in the cases of facial pain and tissue injury NEVER take ibuprofen or aspirin. These medications are anticoagulants which can lead to increased bleeding. Take acetaminophen as directed instead.

Temporary Restoration Issues

Though it isn’t necessarily an emergency, a temporary crown that has come off should be put back in place so that the tooth stays in place until you can reach your emergency dentist. The steps to put the crown back in temporarily are as follows. First, try putting it in to find the correct way and make sure you know how the crown is supposed to fit. Once you have done this you can use a temporary adhesive like vaseline, chapstick, toothpaste or a little denture adhesive, apply it to the temporary, and place it properly back in place. Lastly, bite down on a dry washcloth firmly evenly distributing the pressure and in a few moments wipe off the excess adhesive. Be sure to visit your emergency dentist within a couple days of completing these steps to have the temporary crown re-cemented.

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, contact Lifetime Family Dental today. Don’t let potentially dangerous and painful conditions go untreated. Dr. Norton and his staff specialize in compassionate and gentle dentistry methods especially when it comes to cases of severe pain and emergencies.

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