Dental Health Tips for Expecting Moms

Dental Health Tips for Expecting Moms

Are you an expecting mom? Or maybe you’re an expecting dad doing some reading for your wife (while she kicks those swollen feet up)? Either way, during these crazy times that are pregnancy, don’t forget about oral health! While your oral health might seem like something that’s fine to sweep under the rug when dealing with the gamut of health concerns during pregnancy–you would be mistaken! Here are a few dental health tips for expecting moms to keep your teeth, gums and baby-on-the-way in the best health possible!

1. Don’t Believe the Hype: Visit the Dentist!

You may have heard the rumor that visiting the dentist while pregnant is unsafe for the baby. This is a common misconception and can be detrimental to your oral health. Most dentists like Dr. Norton at Lifetime Family Dental have the experience and take the necessary precautions when treating expecting mothers.

2. Morning Sickness: Keep on Brushing!

Maintaining your brushing and flossing schedule can seem daunting when suffering through morning sickness and nausea. You may want to consider a more neutral tasting tooth paste to help with the uneasy stomach. If you do have to vomit, it’s wise to rinse out your mouth with mouthwash or water to prevent enamel erosion.

3. Keep it Clean: Don’t Share Germs

Sharing is not always caring. When the little one is born, avoid sharing your oral bacteria via spoons or other items you might put in your mouth. Tooth decay causing bacteria isn’t initially present in the mouth of a newborn baby. Try to avoid sharing that bacteria for as long as possible and thoroughly clean anything that will end up in your child’s mouth.

Do you have more questions about your oral health and the dental health of your baby? Contact Lifetime Family Dental as soon as possible! We look forward to seeing your little one about six months after their first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday.

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