Is Drug Use Related to Tooth Loss?

March 30th, 2017 by

Is Drug Use Related to Tooth Loss?

You don’t need to be a patient or doctor at the best dental office in Gilbert to know not to do drugs. We’ve all been warned time and time again of the risks surrounding illegal drugs and the misuse of legal drugs. The reasons not to consume illegal drugs don’t stop with the fact that you can end up in prison. The dangerous affects of addictive drugs are well documented and a recent study out of Australia suggests cocaine and marijuana use are factors that increase the risk of tooth decay.

So, why is drug use related to tooth loss?

While the ways in which cocaine addicts and marijuana users were effected differed, those who regularly used either drug had about three and a half less teeth on average. One commonality is that those who do these drugs and others often grind and clench their teeth which is a contributor to tooth decay. While narcotics like cocaine lead to the direct chemical deterioration of your teeth and gums, the tendency to “snack” of cannabis users is what leads to tooth loss in that group.

The study–published in the journal Addiction–also showed that those who were addicted to substances were less likely than the general population to visit the dentist. A spokesperson from the British Dental Association commented that, “Drug addiction often goes hand in hand with a chaotic lifestyle, poor nutrition and oral hygiene and generally seeing the dentist only when in pain.”

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