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Embracing the Dentist

When we think of healthcare, most people tend to avoid going to the dentist as long as possible. The dental fears from media, movies, friends or personal experiences, keep people away from the dentist and limit their oral health. Lifetime Family Dental, located in Gilbert, Arizona, understands the fears society says about dentists, but we are here to blow those lies out of the water. We are a friendly practice that will ensure the best services through the gentlest manner possible. Not only do we provide excellent general and cosmetic dentistry services, we have a friendly and kind staff who like to have fun. To alleviate any fears, come see us today and let us change your mind about what movies have made dentists out to be.

testimony, dentist


You can take our word for it when we say we have excellent rapport with our patients, but you can also hear it straight from a patient themselves.

  • I went to this location off a recommendation from a friend, as they enjoyed their experience, so I figured I’d try it out. On my way there, I almost got sick to my stomach driving to the dentist because I dislike [dentists] so much! But that feeling changed as soon as I walked through the door. The staff at the front desk was wonderful and welcoming. When I sat down in the chair to get x-rays, they first make an effort to get to know you. Lifetime Family Dental has that personal connection with their patients. Next, Dr Norton explained everything that would need to be done. There was absolutely no pressure to do anything at this point, but I went ahead and got some fillings done. As I was getting the recommended work done, they let me watch Netflix to help time go by. I walked out to pay and they broke everything down to better explain what the Doc went over earlier. This was by far my best experience at a dentist office and I will definitely be back! I highly recommend this place to anyone! -Highly Encouraged Patient

When it comes to a new experience with the dentist, we would love to build a new idea of what going to the dentist means for you. There is no reason to fear the dentist or be scared of the procedures. We are a fair, friendly, and reasonable dental office that provides the best oral health practices possible. Our goal is ensure that you have the healthiest teeth and we will do our best to help you avoid time consuming and costly procedures through great preventative medicine. Come see us today to let us help you relax and smile!


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