root canal in Gilbert AZ

What Exactly is a Root Canal in Gilbert AZ?

root canal in Gilbert AZ

Though you have a tooth that has been bothering you for quite some time, you’re hesitant to visit the dentist. You rationalize,  “Maybe my teeth are just sensitive.” But after months of nagging pain that won’t go away, you finally make an appointment to see the dentist. He examines your tooth and gives you the news that you’re going to need a root canal in Gilbert AZ. You’ve never had a root canal, but your impression of them is akin to something right out of a horror movie. We at Lifetime Family Dental, serving Gilbert, Arizona, would like to put your mind at ease and explain what a root canal entails.

The Good News!

Here’s the good news. Modern-day root canal procedures in Gilbert are much more routine, less complicated, and less painful than you might imagine. Root canal treatment is now only slightly more involved than the procedure for filling a cavity. And typically, a root canal can be completed in one or two visits. By undergoing this simple endodontic procedure, you can save your natural tooth!

What Led to Your Need for a Root Canal?

Inside your tooth, a few layers below your enamel, you’ll find something called pulp tissue. Pulp tissue is alive, and as a new tooth is developing, it feeds the tooth nutrients that keep it healthy. But once a tooth has matured, it is possible for that older tooth to gather nutrients from other surrounding tissues, rather than taking them directly from its pulp tissue.

That’s good news for a tooth with infected or inflamed pulp tissue. Infected pulp tissue can create a lot of pain, and if the infection isn’t taken care of in a timely manner, the infection can result in the need for a complete tooth extraction. Enter the root canal as a modern day solution for saving the tooth and relieving pain! Since a mature tooth can live without its pulp tissue, by removing that tissue, the tooth is kept intact and the pain and infection are alleviated.

What Should I Expect the Treatment to be Like?

A root canal in Gilbert AZ is a simple procedure that only requires local anesthesia. Once the area is numbed, an endodontist goes inside of the tooth and cleans out the infected or inflamed pulp tissue. When the tooth’s canals are clean, they are filled and sealed. A crown or other restoration is then placed on top of the tooth to give added strength and improve the appearance of the tooth. After the root canal and subsequent crown, your tooth will be pain-free and fully functioning.

If you are faced with tooth pain, don’t delay your visit to the dentist’s office. Contact one of our experienced dentists at Lifetime Family Dental today to schedule an appointment for your biannual checkup.

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