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Finding A Dentist Near Me in Gilbert, AZ

dentist near me

Searching for a new dentist requires careful thought. If you’ve recently moved, choosing a new dentist may be just one part of establishing a new life, along with finding a new mechanic for your car, a new favorite grocery store for shopping, a new doctor, a new everything. You could just enter “Dentist near me” in your phone’s search engine and hit return, and you’ll probably find quite a few options. But deciding on a new dentist isn’t such a simple task, since there are a lot of factors to consider before entrusting the care of your teeth to someone. You want to know they’re proficient, friendly, and much more. Based on our priorities as a dental staff at Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ, we’d like to mention what we think are the essential qualities of a dentist.

My Dentist Should be…

Everyone will have their own list of priorities for what’s most important in dental care. But there is one condition that should be high on the list, and that’s being qualified. Are they trained and credentialed? Most state dental boards have a website that will tell you if they’re licensed, as well as if there are any disciplinary actions against them. Are they experienced? What are the dentist’s specialties and strengths? How long has their practice been operating? Do they have reviews from other patients that you can reference?

The American Dental Association (ADA) requires five pledges as part of their Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct: 1.) Respect a patient’s wants and needs; 2.) Do no harm (the Golden Rule of dentistry); 3.) Do good (give the patient all the options, the best care); 4.) Be fair (no discrimination, equal treatment); 5.) Be truthful (give accurate, honest diagnoses and professional opinions). The ADA membership is voluntary, and membership doesn’t guarantee excellence, but these five pillars are a good foundation for any dentist’s commitment to their patients.

Second, is their technology up-to-date? Within the last few decades, quite a few technological advances have been made that reduce X-ray exposure, give you the option of 1-day crowns, and much more. Knowing their equipment and computer systems are current gives you more flexibility in options for dental care, and it helps you know you’re getting the latest and best treatment in available dental care.

The third qualification has to do with a dentist’s ability to relate to their clients. Is the dentist friendly and personable? And is he or she able to clearly and patiently explain concepts concerning your treatment? Do you feel comfortable asking them questions? Reviews may partially help to address these concerns, or you could visit the dental office prior to committing to a dental appointment and meet your potential dentist face-to-face. You want to feel good about relating to the person who will be caring for your teeth.

Here are a few additional aspects to consider when making your decision:

  • Is the dental office’s staff easy to work with and responsive to your needs?
  • Can the dental practice work with your insurance plan?
  • Are they close to your home or office?
  • Is the dental office clean, and does the staff take the necessary precautions for cleanliness?
  • Do they have an emergency service plan in place?

If you live near Gilbert Arizona and you’ve ended up on this page by typing “Dentist Near Me” into your search engine, we invite you to call our Lifetime Family Dental offices at (480) 558-4331, or contact us via our website. And, be sure to check out these reviews on our website! Whether you’re considering a change, or you’ve recently moved into the area, we’d love to meet you and answer any questions you may have about dental care in our friendly office.



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