Flexible Appointment Times – For Your Busy Lifetime!

Flexible Appointment Times Gilbert AZ

Let me guess – you’re either on a five minute break from work, up late trying to finish up all the tasks you can manage after dealing with the stresses of the day, or cutting into what little free time you do have to scour the internet for the best dental, medical, or financial care for you and your family. It’s more than redundant to reexamine how difficult and time-consuming modern life has become. One thing we all long for is flexibility. The more we can flex all the different strands of responsibilities we’re constantly juggling into as little space as possible the better. The last thing we need is another deadline.

If you are doing your research on which dental office that will best serve your family, we hope that three simple words will help end your search: flexible appointment times. We value your time at Lifetime Family Dental. We also offer our pre-visit forms online so that you can come prepared and ready to be in and out with little hassle as well as same-day crowns to save you time and money. CEREC crowns are a single stage process with no need to be fitted for a temporary crown. With your help Dr. Norton will design your crown while you watch and will fabricate your final CEREC crown onsite. These same-day crowns are used for deeply cracked teeth, large cavities, root canals, or abnormally small, strangely shaped, or discolored teeth.

Begin taking advantage of our flexible appointment times, same day crowns, and many other services by submitting an online appointment request here. Or feel free to contact us via phone with any more questions about how we can make your appointment as flexible and painless as possible – that is, if you’re not currently burning the midnight oil!

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