Friendly dentist in Gilbert, AZ

Friendly Dentist in Gilbert, AZ

Friendly dentist in Gilbert, AZ

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be a negative experience, and you shouldn’t have to cope with fear about your dental visits. Whether you’re there for restorative care, or you’ve gone for a biannual cleaning—a dental office should feel safe, and the personnel should be caring and professional. You’ll be glad to know, at Lifetime Family Dental we’ve got a reputation for being the friendly dentist in Gilbert, AZ. Read on to discover personal testimonials from some of our patients.

When hiring his staff, Dr. Norton, Lifetime’s dentist, made three qualities a priority: they had to be skillful, friendly, and kind. Judging by the comments our patients have made over the years, he succeeded in his quest for top-notch staff members. Together, he and his staff help to substantiate the claim that Lifetime Family Dental is the friendly dentist in Gilbert, AZ!

But don’t take our word for it. To back our claims, we’d like to showcase a few of our patients’ comments about their experiences at our office.

What Our Patients Have Said . . .

—They made me very comfortable upon arrival, and although my procedure sounded like it would be painful—a root canal—it was absolutely not. And I appreciated that very much. (A.Z. Stew)


—Lifetime Family Dental makes you feel like family. From the first call to the end of your appointment, you are treated with respect. (Dennis D.)


—My dental hygienist was fabulous. Talking with me the whole time, it was great conversation—the moments I could actually speak, I mean—LOL. Time flew and it was over before I knew it. I left feeling refreshed and happy. (Marie L.)


—Dr. Norton is very friendly and gentle and made sure I always knew what was going on when he took care of my filling and crown recently. He is also very funny and keeps the atmosphere light and un-scary, lol. (Rebecca C.)


—Dr. Norton always takes the extra time to explain the process and his recommendations in terms I can understand, and he usually gives several options when discussing treatment plans. If you are looking for a great dentist (both front and back office) these guys are it. (Curtis F.)


—I am here to tell you that if you need implants, this is the place to get it done. I was expecting to be in pain after each visit—but nothing. Virtually painless, and it was done in about 4 months and the new tooth is rock solid. (Jill M.) (editor’s note: Jill commented that her previous implant at a different office took 2 years and was “Extremely painful”)


—I have nothing but good experiences with Dr. Norton. They also work with you to make procedures affordable (Rose L.)


Here’s one final testimonial. It’s unabridged because we wanted to give you a sense of our office atmosphere.

—I have been afraid to go to the dentist for years because of a traumatic former experience. I came to Dr. Norton in November 2012 with extreme pain in a molar which was in very bad condition, and we discussed how I was embarrassed by the appearance of my teeth and didn’t like to smile. The staff made me so comfortable and took away my anxiety with their kindness and humor. Vanessa held my hand at times when I soon had almost all of my teeth “redone” with porcelain crowns. I love them and and I am so happy to show off my smile today! And I no longer fear my regular dental visits. Dr. Norton and his staff truly have changed my life! XOXO  (Jennifer R.)


We thought we’d let our patients speak for us in this blog post.  If you have any questions, or if you need restorative dental care, why wait? Whatever your need, there is a friendly dentist in Gilbert, AZ waiting for your call.


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