Gentle Dentistry: Dental Fear Related to Gagging?

Gentle dentist in Gilbert

In our last blog article we dove into our collective desire for a gentle dentist, especially so for those suffering from dental fear. This week we will explore another perspective on the psychology and science behind dental fear.

A recent study has suggested that dental fear may not be completely psychological. The findings out of West Virginia University have unearthed a commonality between those susceptible to gagging and fear of the dentist. Though like all findings one must take into account that correlation does not imply causation. Or in other words, it is unclear whether the fear causes the gagging, gagging causes the fear, or many other possible variations of variables.

Regardless, one prone to gagging can run into some uncomfortable situations if this reaction is not managed properly. Be sure to alert your gentle dentist and hygienist of your sensitivity and inclination for gagging. Secondly, attempt to control your breathing in a slow and rhythmic pattern and utilize nose breathing before the gagging reflex is triggered.

Remember that the staff at Lifetime Family Dental strives to create a gentle dental environment and wishes to make you as comfortable as possible. Contact us for more information on gentle dentist Dr. Norton, and all the services we provide to alleviate your dental fears.

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