Gentle Dentistry News: No Drill Dentistry Can Reverse Tooth Decay

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Gentle dentistry fans rejoice! For those of us who suffer from dental fear and often dread our trips to the dentist there is new information that should ease our minds for future dental visits. A study out of The University of Sydney has shown that no-drill Dentistry can be effective in both stopping and reversing tooth decay. Over the course of a 7 year study, researchers have shown that drill-and-fill dentistry may soon be a thing of the past with a specific plan of preventative care.

The study’s lead author, Wendell Evans, stated that it was often unnecessary for patients to get fillings, because they aren’t actually required in many dental decay cases. After 50 years of research, it is now more evident that tooth decay doesn’t develop has fast as once thought and is generally less progressive. On average it can take 4 – 8 years before decay works its way form the enamel to the inner layer of dentine.

The Caries Management System or CMS entails a no-drill approach that involves four stages. All of these stages involve patients that are willing to follow instructions and work towards restoring their teeth. The steps are first, a concentrated fluoride varnish is applied to the beginning stages of decay. Second, the patient is instructed on best practice brushing techniques. Third, the patient must restrict snacks and liquids with added sugars. Lastly, the decay must be monitored at a frequency relative to potential risks.

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