How to get the Best Holiday Family Photos!

How to get the Best Holiday Family Photos!

One of the most difficult things to do around the holidays is wrangle the whole family for some great, smile-tastic holiday family photos. You’ve spent all year brushing, flossing and keeping up with your regularly scheduled dental checkups, now it’s time to show those bad boys off! Well, Lifetime Family Dental is here to help. Here are a few tips to make sure you capture some fond memories this holiday season or create some adorable Christmas cards. Don’t forget to show the Lifetime Family Dental team the memorable holiday family photos you were able to capture at your next appointment!

1. Let loose and have fun!

If you aren’t all feeling the positive vibes, whats the point?! The key to getting genuine toothy smiles and great photos is to goof around a little bit and make everyone laugh. Once the tension of photo posing is broken you’re sure to get a better shot.

2. Coordinate but dress like yourself

Obviously you don’t want to mix a tie die t-shirt and a three-piece suit, but you want to be sure everyone is wearing something they are comfortable in–that still matches the rest of the group. It’s hard to get good photos of people who don’t feel like themselves!

3. Try action shots and candids

Don’t rely solely on old-fashioned posed shots. You’ll capture a much more natural moment if you photograph the family participating in an activity or just being silly.

4. The perfect location

Does you’re family spend afternoons barbecuing by the pool? Or maybe you love camping or just relaxing on the couch watching movies? Choose a spot that everyone loves for your planned holiday photos.

5. There’s no wrong answer!

Are all the tricks just not working? Just grab the selfie stick, squeeze in and let the games begin! The key is just to see the whole happy family–don’t stress about it!

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