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Gentle Dentist Gilbert AZ – Needle-Free Dental Care

Gentle Dentist Gilbert

One of our goals at Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ, is to be known as a gentle dental practice in gilbert. We’re aware of the statistics that indicate half of Americans experience some level of anxiety about visiting the dentist. And unfortunately, 5 to 10 percent of those people avoid going to the dentist as a result of their anxiety.

Needle-Free Options

Some patients are afraid of needles used for the injection of numbing anesthetics. If you’re one of those people, we’ve got good news. There are other options. In many cases, a liquid topical anesthetic can be substituted. By combining certain complementary drugs, topical anesthetics have an immediate numbing quality, and can last up to 60 minutes—long enough for most dental procedures.

And now there is a needle-free injector that enables the anesthetic to be applied directly to the gums, using only a little pressure. It’s that easy, and pain-free! The size of a pencil, one device has a flat end that the dentist holds against the gums for a few seconds whilethe skin is penetrated by an extremely fine jet of medication.”

Routine Procedures

Even routine procedures like biannual dental cleanings can create anxiety due to the fear of encountering pain, especially if you’ve got tooth sensitivities. But if necessary, the same topical anesthetics can be used to alleviate and eliminate pain during cleanings and examinations.

Why Wait? Schedule Your Appointment Today!

So, why put off that regular dental cleaning and checkup? It’s been proven that dental health is essential for overall health, and dental cleanings are tremendously beneficial in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Your regular checkups are critical for catching any problems early, before they worsen. Issues like gingivitis (gum inflammation) or dental caries (cavities) can be easily treated in the early stages, one reason visiting the dentist regularly is valuable.

In recent years, dental technology and dental practices have made significant advances. As a gentle dental practice located in Gilbert, AZ, our Lifetime Family Dental staff will gladly talk to you about any and all concerns you may have about visiting our dental offices. We want you to feel secure that we’ll take good care of you and make your visit a positive experience.



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