Gilbert Girl Graduates High School at 11.. Now on to Harvard!

gilbert girl graduates at 11

Many of us as young adults didn’t have any idea what we wanted to accomplish with our lives. Many of us still don’t. For some people, you just find your calling a bit younger than others. Ria Ceruvu, an 11 year old Gilbert girl, seems to be one of those people who have found the fast track to their future. She graduated from Arizona Connections Academy High school this year and is now going to be taking classes at Harvard Extension School!

According to an interview done by ABC 15, Ria never wants to stop learning, and that includes everything from the small details to the meaning of life. She plans on studying Neural cryptography, which is a “branch of cryptography dedicated to analyzing the application of stochastic algorithms, especially artificial neural network algorithms, for use in encryption and cryptanalysis.”

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (6/9/2015) Dave Herholz (Flickr)