AZ Goat Yoga

Healthy Family Friendly Activities in Gilbert, AZ: Goat Yoga!

If you’re always on the look out for healthy family friendly activities in Gilbert, AZ, and you haven’t heard of “goat yoga” …you’re in for a treat! Yoga is an awesome activity to keep the whole family healthy by promoting core strength, movement and coordination. Add goats and a little fresh air to the mix and you have an activity that will create lasting memories.

According to the AZ Goat Yoga website:

“Goat yoga is therapeutic and helps relieve the daily stresses of life! How can you be sad when there is a Goat walking by? Goat Yoga clears your mind. Goat yoga will make you HAPPY! Think of Goat Yoga as a chance to release endorphins from exercise and increase oxytocins with pet therapy… there’s research on this, believe us!”

How does the class work? About ten minutes before your goat yoga class is set to begin, you will spread out your mat at the goat farm in a field full of goats! These goats are very gentle and loving, as April (one of the owners) and her 3 children raise and care for the goats daily. Some classes have themes so you can dress in your regular workout or yoga attire or dress up according to the theme. Your experienced yoga teacher Sarah will begin by sharing some information about the farm and the goats then she will begin instructing the class with yoga poses appropriate for all skill levels. There’s a photographer present at every class to capture all of the adorable goat loving moments!

For more information and to plan your first goat yoga experience, visit Don’t forget to tell the staff at your favorite Gilbert Arizona Dentist, Lifetime Family Dental, about the experience during your next dental appointment!

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