Healthy Teeth for the Holidays!

Healthy Teeth for the Holidays!

Healthy Teeth for the Holidays from your Gilbert Dentist

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas and other holidays well on their way, this is usually the time of year people start letting loose with their waistlines–as well as their teeth. Don’t let that be you! Sure, help yourself to an extra roll or another scoop of gravy, but don’t abuse your teeth in the process! Your Gilbert dentist, Lifetime Family Dental, has compiled a few easy tips to make sure you don’t forget to take care of your teeth while you’re taking care of everyone else this holiday season!

1. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Candy Cane

Candy canes may seem like an innocent snack and maybe even a holiday tradition, but they are one of the most harmful treats for your teeth you’ll find around the holidays. Biting on hard candies like candy canes can crack your teeth! If you must indulge, just suck on them instead of biting–then brush your teeth shortly afterward.

2. The Sugary Menace: Soda Pop

No one needs to tell you how bad soda is for your teeth. If you absolutely have to have it, drink it through a straw to cut down on contact with your teeth.

3. Happy & healthy: The Veggie Tray

We all know the decision–you walk up to the treat trays during a holiday get-together and are faced with the choice of the healthy veggie tray… or the cookie and brownie tray. Don’t give in to temptation! Broccoli and carrots are jam-packed with Vitamin A which strengthens the enamel in your teeth.

4. The Multi-tool: Not your teeth!

As tempting as it is to rip into your gifts with your teeth, don’t do it and don’t let your kids do it either! Have a box cutter on hand for those difficult presents–no one wants to deal with a chipped tooth around the holidays.

5. Snacking: The Never Ending Story

It’s easy to keep eating all day when there are ample snacks lying around. Give your teeth and your waistline a break here and there this holiday season!

Need a pre-holiday dental checkup to make sure your teeth are looking pristine for those holiday photos? Contact your Gilbert dentist, Lifetime Family Dental, today to schedule your Gilbert holiday dental cleaning!

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