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Holiday Health Food For Your Teeth

With our excellent dental and cosmetic dentistry care, Lifetime Family Dental is committed to keeping your pearly whites shining brightly this holiday season. Holidays are wonderful, but they also present opportunities for your beautiful smile to be stained or damaged. Avoid dental emergencies; consider what you eat this holiday season, and take care of your diet and your teeth. Below, we’re highlighting some or our favorite finds for healthier holiday treats that taste great, while being kind to your smile.

Holiday Health

Eating a lot of sugary foods or hard candies over the holidays may negatively affect your overall health, as well as harm your teeth. Teeth are the first line of contact with chewy foods, sugary drinks, or other types of sweets. It’s hard avoid all sweets (which is not a bad idea, if you can manage it), but there are healthier choices that can still dress up your holiday party buffet table. By eating better foods, you can continue to build strength to into your teeth and give your teeth a break from foods that speed decay and cavity-formation.

Some great options for healthy choices this holiday include: