avoid Halloween candy

How to Avoid Halloween Candy

avoid Halloween candy


Trick or treat! Obviously, you don’t want to be tricked, so you buy candy treats for those little neighborhood goblins who show up on your doorstep every October. But what happens when the party’s over and you have several bowls of sugar snacks staring at you? Do you obey the urge to indulge? Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert knows how strong the temptation is, so here are 8 ways to avoid eating leftover Halloween candy.

  1. Hide the candy jar. This may seem obvious, but out of sight is out of mind. If you don’t see the forbidden fruit, you won’t be tempted to grab a handful. Added bonus: after a few days, you will probably forget where you hid it.
  2. Put it up high. This trick is really helpful if you have small children. Putting the candy on the top shelf at the back of the cupboard will help both you and the kids. They won’t see it and you will be less inclined to take out the step stool just for a bit of sweetness.
  3. Buy candy you don’t like. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t eat it. Many adults have outgrown Pop Rocks and Gummy Bears, but almost every Halloween goodie bag ends up with a few. But by all means, don’t buy chocolate! It is a weakness for almost everyone.
  4. Replace candy with fruit. Fruits have abundant sugar, but they are complex carbs that take time to break down into simple sugars. And they are full of vitamins, so you are eating healthy, while feeding your sweet tooth. Keep that bowl of fruit handy!
  5. Chew gum. We wrote an entire blog post on the benefits of chewing gum. If you still crave candy after Halloween, try chewing sugar-free gum instead. It will satisfy with both flavor and sweetness. Xylitol sweetened gum is even good for your teeth!
  6. Manage your hunger. Eating well-balanced meals and healthy “real food” snacks will head off those hunger pangs that tempt you to reach for the candy. Drinking lots of water will also diminish the desire to eat.
  7. Exercise. In our sedentary culture, we often mistake our body’s need to move for hunger. Getting out of your chair and away from your desk will often eliminate the desire to eat, especially during the mid-morning and afternoon slump.
  8. Throw the evil stuff away! You know that candy isn’t good for you, so why keep it around? The perfect hiding place for leftover Halloween candy is your trash can. Yes, your children may be disappointed when they run out of their own stash, but by that time, leftover goodies could be in the landfill.

Lifetime Family Dental wants you to experience the best oral health possible. That’s why we recommend you come in for a checkup and cleaning twice a year. Following these ways to avoid eating leftover Halloween candy is another step along the road to better dental health. There’s really no trick to it! And your teeth will thank you!



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