how to correct bite alignment

How to Correct Teeth Alignment (Malocclusion)

There are many treatment options available to correct malocclusions like crowded teeth or poor bite alignment. The best way to get straight teeth with a proper bite is different for everyone, as your treatment will depend on the severity of your case. At Lifetime Family Dental, we offer several services to correct malocclusions, including Invisalign. Continue reading to learn more about correcting bite problems and the best way to get straight teeth.

Why is it important to fix malocclusions?

Malocclusion isn’t just a cosmetic problem. Tooth crowding, overbites, underbites, and other types of bite issues can cause pain, TMJ disorders, gum disease, and other mouth or jaw problems. Difficulty speaking and chewing are also common side effects of poor alignment. Letting malocclusions go untreated only leads to worse symptoms and more severe alignment problems. 

How to Correct Teeth Alignment: Five Treatment Methods

1: Veneers

If you have just a couple of misaligned teeth, veneers are a simple fix. Dental veneers attach to the surface of your teeth in order to change the appearance of your smile. In minor cases of malocclusion, a dentist can shave down the misaligned parts of the affected teeth and cover them with porcelain or composite resin veneers. Dental veneers are designed to match the color and shape of the teeth they cover for a natural-looking appearance. 

2: Dental Implants

You may need dental implants if your misalignment is a result of missing teeth. Restoring missing teeth stops your other teeth from the shifting that causes teeth and bite alignment problems. An implant is a type of dental restoration that replaces a missing tooth with a false one. The procedure for getting a dental implant involves surgically inserting a metal post into your jaw, then attaching a crown to the post after your jaw has healed.  

3: Invisalign

If you have a minor misalignment, Invisalign can gently and gradually straighten your teeth. Invisalign treatment involves taking a mold of your teeth and creating several sets of clear aligner trays. 

In order to fix your teeth alignment, you must wear the trays for at least 22 hours every day and switch to a new set of trays every few weeks. Treatment may also require attaching rubber bands to the trays to better reposition your teeth and fix your bite, depending on the extent of the misalignment.

4: Braces

If you have a severe case of malocclusion, then you may need braces to straighten your teeth. Braces are made up of metal brackets and wires that attach to the surface of your teeth. Correcting teeth alignment with braces requires tightening their wires every six weeks to apply more pressure to your teeth and shift them into place. 

5: Jaw Surgery

In cases of extremely severe misalignment, orthognathic (jaw) surgery may be necessary to correct the alignment. Typically, you will need to wear braces for at least a year before surgery to get the process of realignment started. Then you will need to undergo surgery to move your jawbones into a new position. After about six weeks, you will need to wear braces again to complete the realignment.  

Gentle Dental Services in Gilbert

If you would like to correct your bite alignment problems, schedule a consultation with the professionals at Lifetime Family Dental. We’ll take a look at your mouth and determine which options may be available for you. Whether you need dental implants, veneers, braces, or Invisalign, we can help correct your alignment. Call 480-558-4331 today to make an appointment.

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