prepare for visit

How To Prepare For A Dental Visit

prepare for visit


When you have a dental visit coming up, remember that we are here to help you. We have a few simple things you can do to prepare for a successful checkup. First, we want to ease any anxiety you may have about the condition of your mouth. Some of our Lifetime Family Dental patients are embarrassed because they feel they have not been exercising proper dental hygiene. We want to remind you that we are here for you because you need dental care—we are not judges in a beauty pageant! But for a better experience at your next appointment with us, Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert has seven tips on how to prepare for a dental visit.

1. Eating before a visit

We are sometimes asked if it’s okay to eat before a cleaning and checkup. Yes, it is even recommended. Many people experience issues when they have low blood sugar levels. To overcome this, try to eat a protein-rich meal an hour or so before your appointment. It will give you more fuel and will not spike your blood sugar and insulin response. Avoid high carb foods and sugary drinks. And, of course, brush your teeth after you eat!

2. How to brush your teeth

The common temptation is to brush vigorously and thoroughly right before your dental cleaning appointment. While thorough brushing is always good, if that is not how you normally brush, we need to know. In your regular brushing routine, you may be missing critical areas that can harbor bacteria. If you have changed your routine, we may not be able to discover those places. If we do find these areas, we can advise you on a better brushing method. For an optimum dental examination, it is best to simply brush normally before you come in.

3. Sensitive teeth and gums

Some of our patients have very sensitive teeth and gums. If you have experienced painful cleaning sessions in the past, you may not be excited about your visit. You may want to take ibuprofen before your visit to lessen the pain. That’s okay with us—we want you to be comfortable and relaxed while you are with us. We also have mild sedation available for any anxiety or trepidation you may be feeling.

4. Take notes

If you have been experiencing any oral problems recently, write down the symptoms. Sometimes we have bleeding gums after brushing or flossing. That could be a sign of gingivitis, and it’s something we need to know. Your gums will possibly bleed during your cleaning, so we may not be aware of a previous condition. The same applies for any soreness or swelling that you have noticed. Writing it down will help you to remember the details. And remember to bring your notes to the appointment!

5. Bring your dental appliances

If you wear dentures, be sure to have them with you. We can clean them for you and make adjustments in fit and bite. Our mouths change over time, and dentures can become loose. These adjustments are a normal part of dental life. Additionally, if you have a mouthguard or a CPAP mask that you wear at night, bring it in. We would be happy to scrub these items for you.

6. Teeth whitening

The best time to have your teeth whitened is right after a thorough professional cleaning. Your teeth will be much more receptive to the whitening process. When you schedule your cleaning and exam, also schedule a whitening session for the same visit. It won’t take much more time, and it is the best whitening procedure you can have. We also have kits you can use at home to maintain your pearly whites.

7. Tell us about your normal routine

We need to know what you do and don’t do at home when it comes to your oral hygiene. Don’t be embarrassed if you are concerned that you don’t have an optimal hygiene routine. We are here to help you! Be sure to let us know how much and how often you brush and floss, as this information can help us in delivering the highest-quality dental care to you and your family.

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We want you to know that you are in good, caring, compassionate hands when you are here with us at Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert. All of our staff is friendly, sympathetic and passionate about your health. We are confident that following these seven tips on how to prepare for a dental visit, will ensure the best outcome for your next cleaning and checkup. We are currently only open for dental emergencies, but we look forward to taking care of all of your dental needs again soon. Give us a call now to schedule an appointment.



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