Keeping Your Gums Healthy


While most of us are aware of the long term benefits of daily brushing and flossing our teeth, sometimes we overlook the need to keep our gums healthy. Gum disease is serious. It can lead to tooth decay, tooth loss, and jaw bone degeneration. Thankfully, gum disease is preventable. Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert wants you to have the best oral health possible, so here are five ways to keep your gums healthy.


Flossing daily is the first defense against gum disease. It removes plaque from between your teeth and along the gum line. Be sure to floss at least once a day and get all the way down to the gums.

Regular checkups

A dental hygienist can remove plaque that may build up over time. Twice a year cleanings and checkups will enable your dentist to spot any early signs of gum disease and enable treatment of symptoms before they develop into gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Brush twice daily

You should brush your teeth after every meal. At a minimum, you need to brush twice daily to remove food particles from between your teeth. That will help keep bacterial colonies from forming. Use a soft toothbrush and remember to also brush your tongue and cheeks.

Use mouthwash

A therapeutic mouthwash can help prevent gum disease by killing bacteria and reducing plaque. It also flushes out any remaining food particles that are dislodged by brushing and flossing.

Quit smoking

Smoking has been linked to the beginning of gum disease. It weakens the immune system and makes your gums more vulnerable to gingivitis. Smoking also makes it more difficult for your gums to heal. The best time to quit is right now!


At Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert, we know you want to keep your gums healthy. By following these five guidelines, you will reap the benefits of good oral health and a great smile. Call us today for your next professional cleaning and dental checkup.



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