Gilbert, Arizona dentist approved stocking stuffer

Last Minute Mouth-Healthy Stocking Stuffers!

Last Minute Mouth-Healthy Stocking Stuffers!

It’s down to the wire! There’s only a few days left until Christmas. Are you still searching for the best, healthy holiday stocking stuffers? Look no further! Avoid the temptation to fill your family’s stockings with unhealthy sugary treats and opt for a few of these Gilbert, Arizona dentist-approved mini-gifts and stocking stuffers! Below is a list of some easy ideas to stock that stocking to the brim this year.. hopefully Santa is reading!

1. New Toothbrushes!

Whether you go electric or old school, a new tooth brush is never a bad idea! You can be sure that whoever you’re gifting it to likely is due for a new one. Worn, old frayed toothbrushes don’t adequately clean your teeth and, in reality, you should replace them at least every 3 to 4 months. There are tons of themed toothbrushes out there to get the little ones excited–from Barbie and Spider-Man to Pokemon!

2. Chocolate… Yes, We Said it!

Not just any chocolate though! Xylitol sweetened dark chocolate is a great way to fill those stockings with a treat that one damage their teeth! Companies like the Healthy Chocolate Company supply this great alternative to sugary chocolate bars and other candies.

3. Funny Flavored Floss and Toothpaste!

Make brushing and flossing a little more fun with odd flavored and tasty toothpaste and floss. There are all kinds of flavors out there now from mint chocolate and cupcake to fruit or cinnamon!

We hope you and Santa got some great ideas and are now ready to complete your Christmas stockings! Let us know which ones your family loved most at your next Gilbert, Arizona dentist appointment! Happy Holidays from Lifetime Family Dental!