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Mindfulness: Relax and Smile

Mindfulness: Relax and have a beautiful smile in Gilbert

At Lifetime Family Dental, we’re always eager to encourage new ways be healthy, happy and show off those beautiful teeth we all work so diligently to maintain! You’ve likely heard about the latest movement towards “mindfulness”, a Buddhist-inspired practice of mental meditation geared towards accepting the present moment. While it may sound like new-agey nonsense on the surface, there are more and more studies like this most recent research from Penn State that give some credence to this practice. Mindfulness might be one way you can ease stress, relax and give you one more reason to show off your beautiful smile in Gilbert!

This particular study focused on the lives of college freshmen transitioning between high school and university life. This can be a stressful time for many young people due to a number of factors including new peers, a more fluid schedule and being away from home for the first time for many. A group of students were asked to participate in an 8 session mindfulness training program. The study group consisted of about 50 students, with around another 50 as a control group. The results spoke for themselves.

The group who participated in the mindfulness training program reported significant decreases in anxiety and depression and significant increases in overall life satisfaction. There was also a noticeable drop in alcohol use among the mindfulness trainees compared to the control group.

The practice included techniques to help with emotional regulation, self-awareness and managing stressful situations. Participants reported mindfulness of emotions and breath awareness as some of the most effective in-class exercises and a whopping 98% reported that they would recommend the program to classmates and friends.

Are you searching for new ways to show off your beautiful smile in Gilbert? Maybe mindfulness is right for you! After all, who couldn’t use a bit more stress relief in their life? Let the team at Lifetime Family Dental know what techniques you use to deal with stress at your next appointment and let us know whether mindfulness has worked for you.

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