Skilled in all phases of dentistry

More Dr. Payne, Please!

Skilled in all phases of dentistry

Last month we introduced you to Dr. Candace Payne, our newest dentist. Skilled in all phases of dentistry, she is a welcome addition to our staff at Lifetime Family Dental. This month, we want to help you get to know her a little better by giving you a glimpse into her love of dentistry. We asked Dr. Payne a few questions about her thoughts on dentistry. Here are her answers . . .

In every profession, there is a path that leads to the decision to take up a career. We asked Dr. Payne why she chose to pursue dentistry. Here was her thoughtful response:

I come from a family of dentists—both of my grandpas, my dad, my uncle, my brother, and many cousins are dentists, pediatric dentists, and orthodontists. After growing up around dentistry, I knew it was the right path for me.

We also asked Dr. Payne, “With all of your background, education and experience, why did you choose to practice general family dentistry?”

I love the freedom of being able to do all kinds of different aspects of dentistry.  I enjoy doing everything from fillings to root canals.

Technical ability, medical knowledge, and creative problem solving are absolutely necessary requirements of the profession. With so many aspects to a dental practice, there are bound to be certain parts that bring great satisfaction. Dr. Payne tells us one of the favorite parts of her job is the people:

My favorite part of the job is getting to know the patients. It’s so fun to meet new people and learn from them!

A successful dentist needs a broad skill set to handle the complexities of their job. When we asked Dr. Payne how she keeps up with the advances of modern dentistry, she replied:

I love learning and refining my skills. I am very interested in learning more about implants and gum surgery, and look forward to taking classes in these areas.


Lifetime Family Dental is honored to have Dr. Payne on staff. Highly skilled in all phases of dentistry, she is experienced, forward-thinking and curious, and has a great personality. We anticipate enjoying many years of collaboration with Dr. Candace Payne. When you meet her, we know you will enjoy her too, and value her expertise as part of our Lifetime Family Dental staff. Give us a call to schedule a cleaning or appointment and come to meet Dr. Payne!



 Images used under creative commons license (Commerical Use) 07/25/19  Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst