Mouth Guards – The Ultimate Defender

Mouth Guards

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and although our local boys the Phoenix Suns are no where to be seen thanks to a string of injuries, trades, and a terrifying Western Conference, there is still plenty worth keeping an eye on. The league recently announced Steph Curry, of the rising Golden State Warriors as the league MVP, a well deserved title. Which is an excellent segway into our topic of discussion – if you have spent more than 5 minutes watching a Warriors game you have undoubtedly seen Curry chewing and playing with his mouth guard, it often appears to spend more time outside of his mouth than in. A fairly low contact sport like basketball may lead you to believe that there is little need for mouth guards, but that assumption would be very incorrect.

High contact sports like boxing, hockey, and football have reduced mouth and face injuries substantially over the last fifty years due to the use of these protective devices. However, a study conducted over 9 years by the University of Southern California reported the largest percentage of traumatic dental injuries at 1 our of every 10 athletes suffering from one of these injuries. Perhaps not surprisingly this is mirrored by the fact that only 7 out of 100 basketball players take advantage of mouth guard technology.

If you or your child want to avoid traumatic dental injuries it is always best to use a mouth guard, regardless of whether the sport is full contact or not. Consult our staff at Lifetime Family Dental for more information on proper mouth guard use or if you are in need of urgent dental care after one of these injuries.

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