Mouthguards and Dental Services in Gilbert, AZ

April 4th, 2018 by

dental services in Gilbert, AZ

There are at least two good reasons for considering a custom-made mouth guard: sports and bruxism. Lifetime Family Dental offers Dental Services in Gilbert AZ, and one of our services is the creation of mouthguards that can help protect your mouth and teeth from injury or tooth wear. We’re advocates of Ben Franklin’s saying that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” one reason we’d love to create a mouthguard for you that can protect your teeth for a lifetime.

Mouthguards and Dental Services in Gilbert, AZ


If you or your thriving children are involved in any sort of contact sport like hockey, football, soccer, or even basketball, you’re aware that an accidental hit to the mouth or jaw can do serious damage. One hard smack to the face can mean a lost or displaced tooth, a partially broken tooth, or tooth damage from chipping. Once those adult teeth are gone, there’s no replacing them except by reconstructive dentistry. And though we’re gifted in reconstructive and cosmetic dental work, we’d much rather you protect your natural teeth.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that more than 600,000 visits a year are made to the emergency room for sports-related dental injuries, and more than 500,000 teeth are displaced from their sockets yearly. That translates into a lot of dental work that might have easily been prevented by the use of a mouthguard. At Lifetime, we can create a mouthguard that you’ll wear during sporting activities. It’s typically made of a type of thermoplastic material, and it’s custom molded to the shape and form of your mouth for a close, protective fit. A mouthguard is such a simple solution that can save you a lot of pain, money, and unnecessary dental work.

BRUXISM (clenching teeth):

Let’s talk about this funny sounding word. No, Bruxism is not a strange sort of vegetable, and it’s not a country in Europe. As we mentioned in our last blog post about three types of tooth wear, Bruxism is the habitual grinding of your teeth, and especially at night. Bruxism can be caused by stress and can be associated with sleep apnea. One study indicated that 25% of those who suffer from sleep apnea also suffer from teeth grinding.

Whatever the cause, whether from stress or dental or jaw problems, the constant pressure bruxism creates on teeth can lead to more serious dental issues. Tooth wear is one result, but that stress on your teeth can also lead to root canals, bridges, crowns, and even dentures. By letting our dental office create a custom mouthguard that you wear at night, you can help save your teeth and your wallet from the wear caused by bruxism.

Our staff at Lifetime Dental Services in Gilbert, AZ has seen enough trauma in teeth to last us a lifetime. Do us a favor and take our advice; if you play active sports, wear a mouthguard. And for that bruxism, you’ve got a great solution at the tip of our fingers. Let us help you save your mouth and give you a lifetime of smiling pleasure.


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