Urgent Dental Care in Gilbert

I need Urgent Dental Care in Gilbert. What do I do? | Part 2

Urgent Dental Care in Gilbert

In last week’s blog post, we outlined what to do in four different emergency dental situations. This week we will highlight four more. Remember to schedule an appointment with Lifetime Family Dental immediately after taking the appropriate steps when you are in need of urgent dental care in Gilbert, AZ.

Cut or Bit Lip, Tongue or Cheek

If you or your child has bitten their lip, cheek or tongue, it is recommended that you ice the bruised area. To control bleeding, use a clean cloth or gauze to apply light pressure. However, if the bleeding doesn’t stop after about fifteen minutes and cannot be controlled with light pressure, visit the emergency room immediately.

Bleeding after Loss of Baby Tooth

If the bleeding in your child’s mouth is due to a baby tooth falling out, pack a folded clean gauze on top of the bleeding area and have him or her bite down on the gauze with light pressure for about 15 minutes. Repeat for another 15 minutes if necessary, but if the bleeding persists, contact Lifetime Family Dental immediately.

Broken Wires or Braces

Broken or loose dental appliances that don’t cause pain or irritation don’t generally require an emergency appointment. However, if it is causing pain and it is easily removed, simply remove it until you can visit your dentist or orthodontist. If not, cover the portion that is causing irritation with cotton balls, sugar-free gum or gauze. If a wire is stuck in a tongue or cheek–DO NOT REMOVE IT. Visit a dentist as soon as you can get to one.

Canker or Cold Sores

Cold or canker sores can usually be addressed with over-the-counter ointments or medications to provide relief. However, if the sores continue, this could be a sign of a more serious condition and a dental evaluation is recommended.

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