oral cancer check in Gilbert

A New Way to Fight Oral Cancer?

oral cancer check in Gilbert

One of the most frightening diagnoses you can experience during your twice-yearly visit to the dentist is oral cancer. While that fear might contribute to you procrastinating your visits, keep in mind that almost two in every three people diagnosed with oral cancer are already in the late stages, which leads to a survival rate of under 50%. However, on a positive note, a study out of UT Health Science Center of San Antonio has given hope to those battling oral cancer across the globe.

The results of this new oral cancer study? A new form of treatment that has already demonstrated the ability to shrink cancerous tumors to half their size in mice in just 14 days! Needless to say, if brought to human trial the results of this study could be life altering for those suffering from late stage oral cancer.

The currently accepted method of combating late stage oral cancer generally involves extensive throat or mouth surgery and radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells. Obviously, any less-invasive treatment option is desperately needed for both the comfort and chances of success for the patients involved.

What’s interesting is that the study isn’t a new treatment at all, just a combination of two previously FDA approved treatments that had proved ineffective on their own. Although many trials are still required before the process is approved by the FDA, scientists claim this may be the largest leap forward in the field in decades.

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