New Year's Resolutions from your #1 Dentist in Gilbert, AZ

New Year’s Resolutions from your #1 Dentist in Gilbert AZ

New Year's Resolutions from your #1 Dentist in Gilbert, AZ

Still filling out your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2017? Why don’t you consider adding a few tooth-friendly resolutions?! After all, the condition of your smile is interconnected with your overall physical health–so you won’t just be helping your mouth! In fact, only 4 in 10 adults floss every day, which the American Dental Association and your #1 Dentist in Gilbert AZ, Lifetime Family Dental, very adamantly recommend. So there is clearly room for improvement for all of us!

Resolution #1 – Start Flossing! This one’s pretty simple. Don’t be one of the 27% of adults who lie to their dentist about flossing every day. First stop lying …then start flossing! Look at 2017 as your blank slate to start treating your teeth like they should be treated! And no, don’t believe the hype that flossing isn’t necessary.

Resolution #2 – Eat Healthier! The biggest no brainer is to avoid sugar-dense foods which do the most damage to your teeth. Secondly, be sure to eat plenty of foods that are high in calcium like leafy greens, broccoli and almonds! Third, fibrous foods like celery are great because they build up saliva and scrub plaque and food particles off of your teeth.

Resolution #3 – Stop Smoking! Hopefully this one was already on your list if you’re a smoker. According to the CDC, smoking DOUBLES your risk for developing gum disease. This one isn’t easy, we know! But from studies that have shown it’s numerous known links to cancer, gum disease and cell mutation, you probably already know how bad smoking is. Make today the day that you finally act on that knowledge!

Are you ready to act on some of these resolutions? Contact your #1 Dentist in Gilbert, AZ today to schedule your first dental appointment of the year and start 2017 off right!

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