Nice Smiles: What They Say About You

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In a perfect world there would be no judgment of appearances and beauty would be completely subjective in every way. Unfortunately, according to a Kelton Perception Study, our appearance-based, egocentric self is a little more ingrained in us than many of us would prefer or admit. This study revealed that people with straighter, nicer, and whiter teeth are generally viewed in a more positive light. Luckily, unlike some aspects of your appearance, your teeth are one thing that you can have worked on and improve both your health and appearance.

Sure, your overall looks and how straight, white, or symmetrical your teeth are aren’t the only factors that go into a potential mate or employer’s opinion of you. Intelligence, creativity, humor, success – these are all important motivators and considerations people factor into their overall perception of each other. But the truth is, according to this study, 73 percent of Americans trust an attractive smile over a great job, impressive outfit, or expensive car.

An unattractive smile will not only make you less trusted by peers, it can also get in the way of your love life. Of those surveyed, 38% considered calling off a second date purely due to an unpleasant smile – which is even high than the percentage (23%) that would call it off if their date still lived at home with their parents!

Obviously, an attractive smile is a large factor in other people’s perception of you, fair or not. But as we stated before, your smile is fixable! Even if you could care less how other people see you – nice teeth are healthy teeth and everyone wants to be healthy. Contact us for a little help with your smile!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (5/29/2015) Richard foster (Flickr)