pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ

pediatric dentistry

Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert is a family practice. Because we treat the entire family, our team is skilled in current dental procedures for all ages. One of the questions we get from our potential patients is: “What is pediatric dentistry and how is it different from general practice?” There are several considerations that must be addressed when dealing with children rather than adults.

Baby teeth

Babies begin teething around 6 months of age. These baby teeth will last for about 6 years before they become loose and fall out to make way for permanent teeth. During the baby teeth years, it is important to establish good oral hygiene habits in children. Children are prone to have a greater susceptibility to tooth decay, so a pediatric dentist will be focused on preventative measures to avoid dental caries. Daily flossing and brushing are important, as are twice-yearly checkups. In certain cases, dietary issues will also need to be addressed. A pediatric dentist will also speak to issues like thumb sucking and pacifier use, and will watch for the development of a proper bite.

Early permanent teeth

As the baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, the pediatric dentist will look for any signs of abnormality. If the dentist detects the need for teeth straightening, an orthodontic specialist may be recommended. They are also highly trained in how to approach invasive dental techniques with the goal of causing the least amount of trauma possible.

As children become adolescents, the hormonal changes of their bodies create unique situations that a pediatric dentist is trained to look for. They can diagnose oral conditions that may be associated with diseases such as congenital heart disease, diabetes, and pediatric periodontal disease. Diet becomes a major factor in maintaining oral and overall physical health. Rapid growth spurts can cause discomfort that may have implications for orthodontic treatment. Teenagers are also more likely to experience dental injuries due to sports. Pediatric dentists will be able to treat these injuries using non-traumatic treatment techniques.


In addition to four years of dental school, pediatric dentists often have two year residencies in hospitals or practices that specialize in treating children. As a whole family dental practice, our doctors have extensive experience in the field of pediatric dentistry. Training includes treatment of children under sedation and anesthesia, children with compromising health problems, and management of growth and development issues related to the mouth.

At Lifetime Family Dental in Gilbert, we treat the entire family, from infants and toddlers to grandparents. Lifetime Family Dental is ready to work with you to meet the goals of excellent health and radiant smiles. Our payment plans are flexible and easy, so you never have to delay dental treatment because of financial concerns. Call today for a cleaning and checkup. It’s the perfect time to give your entire family the gift of good oral health.



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