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Positive Employment Trends in Dentistry

Positive Employment Trends in Dentistry

Have you ever wished you could work alongside our great staff at Lifetime Family Dental? Well if you’re choosing a new field to get into or are deciding on what to go to school for, dentistry might just be “what the dentist ordered”. According to a new article from DentistryIQ, job growth for dentists will lead to more jobs for dental assistants and hygienists.

The positive employment trends are due to many factors including an increasingly older, more diverse population, a predicted increase in access to dental health insurance and the ever increasing popularity of cosmetic dentistry. Employment in the dental profession is expected to grow at a higher rate than any other field. Between 2014 and 2024, employment for dentists and dental assistants is expected to increase by 18%.

The population of the United States is growing, and with that the population of elderly people is growing even faster leading to higher demand for dental care. Not only will there be more elderly people, with modern advancements in dentistry those people are expected to retain their teeth later and require more care. Cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening have become more and more popular as new technologies become less invasive and take less time.

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