What is the Purpose of my Biannual Visit?

Gilbert dentistry

We’re sure you’ve been told time and time again how important it is to visit the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and cleaning. However, many people, especially those who suffer from dental phobia, don’t always take this advice to heart. Maybe you know you should go, but you’re the type of person that likes to know a bit more of the “why” behind the recommendations you hear. Below are several very important reasons why you shouldn’t skip your scheduled visits, and once you are ready to experience quality Gilbert dentistry, contact Lifetime Family Dental to schedule your appointment.

Your biannual visit consists of two parts: the checkup and the cleaning. Both of which are vital when it comes to keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

What happens during the checkup? Your dentist in Gilbert will examine your teeth for cavities, tartar and plaque. Plaque is the first stage of clear, sticky bacteria which can eventually harden and become tartar. This tartar cannot be removed with normal brushing and flossing. These issues can eventually lead to more serious oral diseases if they are not preemptively taken care of. Your gums will be examined next. A special tool is used to measure the spaces between your teeth. If these spaces are deep, that may be a sign of gum disease. Your doctor will then examine your tongue, neck, throat and head for signs of swelling or cancer.

What happens during the cleaning? As we stated above, brushing and flossing does little to remove tartar from your teeth. “Scaling” is when your dentist or dental hygienist uses special tools to remove the tartar. After the scaling, your teeth may be polished with a gritty paste to remove surface stains. The last step is a nice thorough flossing.

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